Shingo Yoshida, Réprouvé (Castaway), video (7min 44 sec), Video still, 2018

21. Mai 2021
18.00 Uhr
Diskussionspanel #2 - Landschaft als Konfrontation
EARTH, t. b. a.


„Landschaft als Konfrontation:
Existenzielle & kulturelle Aspekte in einer globalisierten Welt“
Diskussion mit Nadine Baldow, Jazoo Yang & Shingo Yoshida, moderiert von Vanessa Souli


„Landscape as Confrontation:
Existential & Cultural Aspects in a Globalised World“.
Discussion with Nadine Baldow, Jazoo Yang & Shingo Yoshida, moderated by Vanessa Souli


In this moderated discussion, existentialist as well as sociocultural questions will be brought on the table. What is nature and what are we in relation to it? How can we define the difference between something natural and something artificial? Who can decide the difference between natural and man-made? Can nature teach us community-building? All these questions and many more ecocultural dimensions are central to the works of the three artists and as such, the focal point of this discussion.

(in English)


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